NationalBestFriendDay – or Wednesday.

I met my best friend Alina when we were little freaking girls living in the same apartment building in Brooklyn. In sixth grade, my mom moved us 90 minutes up the road to Connecticut, but these 10-year-olds  didn’t let the distance get between them, and this was before SnapChat. Like, almost two decades before it.

Since then, we have spent every Christmas together — and since I moved back to NYC four years ago, most days that aren’t seasonal.

As mentioned in my other post Alina was the one that FOMO’d me into signing up for the infamous Central Park 5-Miler last June. Since then, she’s usually the first one to pull the trigger on our races, and bless her for it.

We spend 38 hours of our 40 hour work weeks keeping a pulse on each other’s happenings through Google Hangouts, either complaining about our injuries, comparing training plans and/or ping-ponging Runners World articles. We also talk about regular things, too, I think.

Alina and I crossed our first two half marathon finish lines together and pushed ourselves to a hardcore PR that we proudly share.

This November we’ll be running the TCS NYC Marathon together, running through our old neighborhood, and ending at the steps of my current apartment on the Upper West Side.

Having a best friend is awesome, but having a running best friend is worth 1,000,000 miles, 100,000 cool medals, 750,000 tech t’s and 100,000 progressive negative splits.

So, Happy National Best Friend Day to mine and yours – and may they always be your PR.

Wanna follow Alina? Aside from running, she’s also a badass coder with a flair for manicures. Check out her dope Instagram here: @alinochkaa


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