Week in Review: Strength and the City (6/13)

Running has a way to be all-consuming, like a really good book (or Netflix show), it’s easy, and almost necessary to binge on running — especially in the midst, or beginning of training.

Even in non-running hours, your mind is on running. Shopping for clothes, registering for races, calculating pace times. Sound familiar?

But…just running won’t make you the best runner you could be.

Runners are super strong, regimented and patient athletes. That’s why I feel badass being a runner. While I’m in between training cycles, I thought there would be no better time and opportunity to dive head first into my strength training.

I’m lucky to be part of the ClassPass community for two years now, and can navigate my way through class selection blindfolded. Aside from my one true love, Mile High Run Club, ClassPass offers some amazing classes to keep you strong, active and happy.

Here are the classes I took last week.

Monday: Mile High Run Club – HIGH 45

  • Location: NoMad
  • Instructor: Coach Ryan
  • Quick recap: The hills are alive with the sound of me screaming in agony. Super challenging workout, left no hill un-ran, and no speed unchallenged. Recap of the set is here on my Instragram.

Tuesday: Bar Method

  • Location: Soho
  • Instructor: Brittany
  • Quick recap: Shaking. Pulsing. Burning. And that’s just the warm up. Barre is the best way to get strong is places you can’t target in just a squat or a bench press, so as much as I love/hate it, I try to go at least once a week. Brittany is very attentive and corrects everyone’s form.

Wednesday: Mile High Run Club – DASH 28

  • Location: NoHo
  • Instructor: Coach Hollis
  • Quick recap: Short, sweet, fast, hard. Saw those 8% hills again and some level 4 sprints. Dash classes are a really good way to get those speed workouts in, and Coach Hollis is one of my faves. She also teaches at CityRow, one of my favorite NYC studios, and as I like to say “the hardest workout in Manhattan”

Thursday: SOLACE, Solace Body

  • Location: Midtown East
  • Instructor: Alex
  • Quick recap: Bootcamp style WOD. At lot of jumping, squatting, planking. It’s a bit of a mess with a larger class, but you’re sore for days to come. Go with a friend so there’s some comic relief in the weird planks/pikes.

Friday: Y7 Yoga

  • Location: Soho
  • Instructor: Molly
  • Quick recap: Very zen and fun mix. Molly’s flow is creative, and lots of cactus arms and side twists. This studio has 1 shower, so beware.

Saturday: Flywheel

  • Location: Lincoln Square
  • Instructor: Adam
  • Quick recap: Killer. I hit my “PR” on my Torquescore with this class after taking Flywheel for almost two years. Great tunes, great routines, great mix of hills and speed.

Want to follow my every ClassPass move? Let’s be friends!

What classes should I take this week?




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