New Jersey Marathon Thoughts & Feelings

Broken record alert, but one year ago I would have never believed I was running a marathon. Honestly, when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon last October, I remember thinking “No way in hell I can do that twice in a row.”

Yet here I am crossing the finish line.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.44.02 PM

I started training December 26th, and May 1st, I did the damn thing.

Here are my training highlights:

Total miles ran: 321.00

Longest run: 17 miles (April 8, three weeks from marathon)

Run/week: 4–5, 1 of which was speed at Mile High Run Club

Injuries: Shin splints, rolled ankle and newly discovered flat feet

Running shoes purchased: 3

Marathon outfits purchased: 4.5

Songs on my TRAINING playlist: 120

Plans altered because I had to get up early to run: 23

I don’t think I’m a pro, nor do I think my training plan was best. I (thankfully) allowed life to get in the way of training runs, and remembered to remember that I wasn’t going to the Olympics. Although, every time I did a sub-9:00 mile, I would basically clear my schedule for Rio.

Reaching 26.2 was an equally big achievement for the body as it was for the mind. Firm believer that the “muscle between your ears” is the most in need of conditioning, with or without running.

The night before my first half marathon, I was recovering from a bad cold, and my mom told me “Don’t be a hero” — which was her strange way of encouraging me to push forward, take care of myself, and be proud of the outcome. At least that’s what I think she meant. I’ve carried that with me in every training run and race, and it’s what keeps me in check and allows me to keep loving the sport of running.

Marathon 1 is in the books at a very proud official time of 4:46:06. Similar to my first half marathon, I wanted to dedicate each mile of the race to the people, places and things that got me there.

But 26 miles wasn’t enough.


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