Week in Review: Strength and the City (6/20)

Last week was a busy one — and was surprised I only squeezed in three classes! In those gaps I maximized on running and took advantage of CitiBike and the park.

Wednesday: Warrior Fitness Bookcamp

  • Location: NoMad
  • Instructor: Alex
  • Quick recap: Anything but short, sweet and cute. Be ready for some intense work. This studio is ran by former Marines, and it is no joke. I try to black it out, but this is what you can expect: running around a track, synchronized jumping jacks, lots of body weight drills (crunches, squat jumps, pushups, burpees), running up flights (talking, like, 12) of stairs — followed by a series of obstacles — hurdles, scaling walls, monkey bars, crawling under a box, and then cooling down with standard weight lifting. This is NOT for the weary, it’s definitely one of the more intense classes I’ve ever taken. That being said, it’s a blast and you feel like a certified bad ass after. The staff is stern but so helpful and fun, and it’s a welcoming and positive environment. I’ll be back. When I gain the emotional strength.
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.23.22 PM
I scaled and jumped over this structure.

Thursday: Swerve

  • Location: Flatiron
  • Instructor: Skyler
  • Quick recap: Swerve is great because it’s competitive and collaborative in a way that other studios are not. As some of you know, at Swerve, you’re broken into team and have a team score, and an individual score. Doing this the day after Warrior was complicated because I was sore all over, but a good way to shake out those muscles. A go-to for spinning in the city.

Sunday: Pure Barre

  • Location: Upper West Side
  • Instructor: Harrison
  • Quick recap: Standard Pure Barre routine left you feeling tense in all the right places and stretched everywhere else. Love this location because you get to peak onto Columbus Ave.

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What classes should I take this week?



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