Week in Review: Strength and the City (6/27)

Monday: BFX – Burn

  • Location: Chelsea
  • Instructor: Melissa
  • Quick recap: Burn, baby, burn. What a way to kick off Monday. I read on Instagram to never skip a Monday workout, and this definitely is a good reason why. Broken into 6 “blocks” you hit ever muscle in the body — twice, if not more. Everything from Slider Mountain Climbers, burpees, planks, squats, and kettle bell swings, Burn is a 60 minute bootcamp and it leaves you shakey (in the good way) all day. Locker room and fascility itself is gorgeous, but there are only 3 showers, so beware of a bit of a wait. Otherwise, location is central and overall good time.

Tuesday: New York Sports Club – Gym Time

  • Location: UWS
  • Instructor: ME!
  • Quick recap: The whole point of ClassPass was to fuel your fitness through class and group-based training, but sometimes there is nothing as rewarding as just free-styling your workout. I don’t often take advantage of Gym Time (unless its to run on a treadmill), but this week I build out a workout that slays.
  • 5 minute warm up on the treadmill (6.2 pace)
      • 25 squats
      • 25 kettle bell swings [20 lbs]
      • 25 alt. reverse lunges w/ kettle bell
      • REPEAT
  • 10 minute run (6.3-.5 pace)
      • 25 bicep curls [15 lbs]
      • 25 chest press
      • 25 tricep dips
      • REPEAT
  • 3 minute spring [7.5 pace)
    • CORE
      • 50 crunches
      • 50 bicycle twists (each side)
      • 1 minute forearm plank
      • :30s side plank (each side)
  • RECOVER with 15 minutes of foam rolling

Full-on beast mode.

Wednesday: Flywheel – Fly45

  • Location: Lincoln Square
  • Instructor: Sergei
  • Quick recap: This guy is such a strong instructor. His playlists are killer, he builds up the resistance in a manageable and fun way, and theres definitely more choreography than the usual Flywheel class. It was an early morning, but so worth it. The Lincoln Square location shares space with FlyBarre, but is 2 stories and spacious. There are 4 showers, and the lines are co-ed, so there’s usually a bit of a wait. Definitely the “skip the stretch and run to the shower” class.

Friday: Mile High Run Club – HIGH 45

  • Location: NoHo
  • Instructor: Coach Corky
  • Quick recap: Nothings as sweet as busting out speed in the morning. Coach Corky’s classes are some of my favorite for High 45 because she does a perfect mix of work hard (like really, really hard) and recover hard. Today’s class was focused on negative splits, which is something all us runners dream of, and she played it off with some creative hill repeats, continually increasing speed and decreasing elevation (we started at 7%).

This week was also a special one because I capped off my 350th Classpass class on Friday morning. Here’s to being a stronger, healthier and happier athlete!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.17.04 PM.png

Sprinkled in some shorter tempo runs in between and the return of the “longer” run on Saturday, so an exhaustingly active week.

I’m gearing up to start training in just 3.5 more weeks, and I’ll be using the Hansons Method, and documenting every mile – so follow along.


Want to follow my every ClassPass move? Let’s be friends!

What classes should I take this week?


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