Things were fun this week because I added some non-ClassPass classes to the mix. Check it out.

Tuesday: Barry’s Bootcamp – Butt + Legs

  • Location: NoHo
  • Instructor: Josey
  • Quick recap: Not. A. Joke. Barry’s is formatted with half the class on the treadmills and half on the mats, switching 3 times, with a total of about 30 minutes on the treads, and 25 minutes on the floor. Unlike most other classes with treads (aka Mile High) these sprints are short and SO fast — like 5:00-6:00 minute miles.

Tuesday: Banana Skirt Productions, Sorry

  • Location: Pearl Studio
  • Instructor: Nikki
  • Quick recap: Why I haven’t done this sooner, I do not know. I laughed, I cried, I sweat and I loved every second of this. Did this with one of my best friends and recommend it highly. Our instructor, Nikki was sent from heaven and I haven’t laughed so hard in a class, probably ever. You don’t have to have danced a day in your life, or maybe you have, you’ll crush it. Can’t wait to go back.

Wednesday: SoulCycle

  • Location: NoMad
  • Instructor: Sunny
  • Quick recap: I don’t always treat myself to SoulCycle because it isn’t part of the ClassPass offering, but it was one of my first introductions into spinning and the fitness culture in New York City, so I treat myself to a class every once in a while. So, when my friend Liz asked if I wanted to go with her for her first time, this was one of those special times. ESPECIALLY because SoulCycle now offers the Spread the Soul campaign, where when you invite 5 new cyclers to join you, you get a free class. Hey – that’s something. This class was at a studio I had never been to, with an instructor I never had, and it was great. The beats were awesome, the choreography was soul-tastic, overall good times followed by a salad at Sweetgreen.

treat on wheels 💛

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Thursday: Mile High Run Club – HIGH 45

  • Location: NoHo
  • Instructor: Deborah
  • Quick recap: The usual prescribed High 45 set of hill and speed work. Just what the doctor ordered.

Friday: Crunch Gym

  • Location: Hoboken
  • Instructor: Me!
  • Quick recap: This was a workout for the sake of shaking out my legs. I did a quick 1.5 miles on the tread and some awesome strength work with kettle-bells. No structured sets, just did what my body called for, which was some Russian twists, swings, rows, planks, crunches and so much rolling.

not always pretty, but always worth it 💪🏼

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Kicked off Fourth of July weekend by playing some friendly 1 on 1 basketball on a neighborhood court in Connecticut, which left me winded, and a welcome rest day on Sunday.

#notrunning because ball is life to some people 🏀

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This week is the official beginning of marathon training, unfortunately leaving little to no room for extra-curricular activities outside of the running world, so these wraps ups will be shorter, but training recaps will be abundant.

I’ll be bumping down my ClassPass membership to the Core plan, which includes 10 classes for $125 (for previous members), versus unlimited for $190. Come November, I’ll be back to full time ClassPass as I recover from the marathon.

Want to follow my every ClassPass move? Let’s be friends!

What classes should I take this week?


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