Hansons Marathon Method: WK 1

Here we go!

Jumping into the plan with two feet, after weeks of reviewing, highlighting and disecting the Hansons Marathon Method book.

Mmm-bop'ing my way to a PR with both sets of Hanson brothers ✌🏼️

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This week eased into things, with a few days off, and only working on easy paced runs.

Hansons makes you determine your paces based on your marathon time goal. These are the breakdowns for a 4:30 marathon:

Easy 11:06-12:06
Speed 8:54-9:16
Strength 9:54-9:56
Tempo 10:00-10:06
Long 10:36-12:06

So over the course of the week, these were my runs:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
EZ 2 EZ 3 OFF OFF EZ 3 EZ 3 EZ 4

My average pace for the week’s easy runs was: 10:08.

So, these all being easy runs, my pace should have fallen somewhere in the 11 minute mark. I’m not a fast runner, but keeping an 11′ pace was almost more difficult for me than keeping an 8′. Hanson cautions against going too slow, because that causes the breakdown of the tendon.

I still think I need to redefine easy and truly peel back rather the speed from a slow pace rather than slowing down from a fast pace. Although I am comfortable running at a 10′ — which is conversational for me, I still think that’s too fast to be considered totally passive and “recovery” speed – which is the intention of this type of workout.


  • Keep grinding at the easy pace and find confidence in slowness
  • Learn to recover when there’s an OFF on the schedule (because there’s not that many of them to come)
  • This plan is intimidating, so one day, one week at a time.

Till next week!


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