TCS NYC Marathon Countdown: 17 weeks | Fear + Fierce

118 sleeps to go.

Between today and November 6th I’ll be covering somewhere in the range of 721 miles (including 26.2 on race day).

So, since 15 of those miles are done…with some easy (for most, moderate for me) math, that’s about 2%.

2% done with my training. 98% to go. Sounds awful, right? Especially since I’m super proud of kickoff week.

This week I want to focus on the fear and fierceness of marathon training. I think it’s really awesome that I’m scared right now. Those big holy sh*t moments in your life should scare you, so when you look back you think “How did I even do that?!”

Training for a marathon is a very self-aware process, and often self-deprecating. When training with a group or friends, there’s the competition next to you, the competition in front of you and most of all, the competition within you. There will be runs in week 7 that will be slower, or feel worse than runs in week 2. There will be days when injuries and attitudes flare, and there will probably be a day or two I will wish I was not running a marathon.

However, I think the moment I overcame my fear of the marathon the first time around, I became fierce for it. The day I crush my first track workout, I’ll be stronger. The day I run my last 16-miler, I’ll be happier.

The day I cross the New York City Marathon finish line, I’ll be fearless.

On deck this week,

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 2 EZ 3 EZ 3 EZ 3 OFF EZ 4 15

So till next week, have fear and be fierce.


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