This week was a good one. I’m getting in my groove of running comfortably, which was my biggest goal for the first part of Hansons. This was my running plan this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 2 EZ 3 EZ 3 EZ 3 OFF EZ 4 15

Because of travel and life, I made some minor adjustments, and (permanently) switched Wednesday’s rest day to Saturday (sometimes Sunday, depending on life) and for this week, I switched Sunday for Tuesday. I don’t see any harm in moving around easy runs. I think things might get more complicated with SOS (Something of Significance) runs come into play week 6 with speed and tempo. Hansons rule of thumb is that every SOS workout needs to have a recovery or rest day before and after. AKA, no two hard days in a row. I can definitely get behind that.

In terms of running comfortably, my final decision was to ditch the Garmin. That’s right. My precious, expensive piece of technology will be on the bench for my easy runs. Hate to do it, but I knew I was totally hurting vs helping my training by having one eye on the road and one eye on the watch. Easy runs are meant to be conversational — not competitive, fun — not fast and most of all helpful — not hurtful. After I realized that simply TELLING myself to slow down wasn’t working, I just deciding to leave the tracker at home on Thursday’s run, and run the way my body needed to.

So – it’s a bit hard to say what my average pace was this week, but I assume between my treadmill runs and how my easy runs felt, they’re somewhere between 10:20 and 10:40.

Of course, Garmin will be back on duty for Tempo, Speed and Strength work, because getting faster is a huge part of the plan.

Week 3 starts tomorrow with another rest day Monday, which is great timing, since I’ll be traveling back from Las Vegas most of the day. Here’s the rest of the forecast:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 4 EZ 4 EZ 4 EZ 4 OFF EZ 5 21

Pumped to see the weekly totals crawling up, and excited to do 4 of these miles with Nike Run Club on Tuesday.

Anyone else training with Hansons for a fall marathon? If so, how’s it going?



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