3 weeks down — 15 to go!

My body is definitely getting the hang of the routine of running again, and the aches and pains are minimal, so thank you thank you THANK YOU to the almighty Gods of stretching and rolling, and I *swear* I’ll never take you for granted again.

Week 3 amped up the mileage from 15 to 21, which is about 20%, so though the total mileage isn’t huge, the increase is definitely noticeable.

I’m also getting into the groove of a new routine – outside of running – so scheduling and prioritizing is getting creative. For example, I ran my 5 mile run on Thursday as two separate runs – one at Mile High Run Club, and then another one that evening. Sure – this may not be the recommended way of cranking through the plan, but miles are miles, and I’ll take them for what they’re worth.

On deck this week is another 21 mile total, but broken into sets of 5 miles and sets of 3, rather than the 4s and 5 of this past week.

I’m most excited about staying on my feet longer than the 3-4 miles I’ve been logging, and finding my endurance again. Still having a confusing time with pacing, and definitely let myself run FAST the past few runs, so taking this rest day in complete chill mode.

Here’s last week for ya:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 4 (10:40) EZ 4 (10:24) EZ 5( 9:45) OFF (Soul Cycle) EZ 4 (10:05) EZ 4 (9:22) 21

And here’s what I’m looking forward to this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 5 EZ 5 EZ 3 EZ 3 OFF EZ 5 21

Major goals and take aways from this week are – HYDRATE.

The summer is no joke, and training in the heat is unimaginably different than training in the winter. Hydration isn’t simply a strong recommendation – it is a requirement. My run on Saturday was so hot and labored, I felt nauseous several times because of the heat. I kept dumping my water bottle over my head and into my mouth, and knew that if I had prep’d for the run, I wouldn’t feel like I was running on empty through the depths of hell.

How’s everyone else doing with the heat running? Obviously, running early, or indoors are the logical choices to beating the heat – but what’s this sleep-lover to do?



the most labored, torturous run for juice in history. thnx heatwave! 🔥

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