Ah, Week 4, month 1 — done. Though this is supposed to be the easiest part of the training, and my body is definitely beginning to feel the toll of the miles and routine. Super thankful for my new attitude this training cycle of caution and preventative attitude because the miles are only going to pile on from here.

Enter, Week 5, the last week where Hansons grants us “Beginners” 2 REST days a week. Starting next week, we introduce Speed, Tempo and Long Run paces into the routine. I’m honestly excited for the structure because the monotony of slowing myself down or speeding myself up through hills of humidity was getting to be a bit of downer. Bring of the discomfort and intervals.

But — that’s next week, back in the now.

Week 4 was good, overall. I felt like the mileage came easy and the only real set back was an injury flare up.

About 6 weeks ago, now, I went to Warrior Bootcamp where I did many, many crazy drills, climbed dozens of flights of stairs, jumped over walls. Immediately after the class I felt my ankle “tweaked”. It wasn’t a sprain or a roll, because I’m all too familiar with that sensation, it was just the feeling of impact on the foot. It seemed to kind of pass as the weeks went on, though there was noticeable swelling. I eventually ran on the ankle the following week, and felt okay. Not great, but fine. So here we are — close to two months later, and I wake up at 3AM because of a pounding pain in that ankle.

Needless to say, I took the day off and the swelling and pain subsided, though still not sure of the culprit. I’ve been self-diagnosing an experimenting with compression socks to bring down the swelling and pressure, but if I’m in the same boat in a week or so then I’ll be getting down to serious measures. Any ankle-injury-proned runners out there know what this could be? HELP.

Aside from that interruption in programming, I still nailed all 21 of my miles, albeit on different days and sometimes combined into one. Here was my wonky, yet effective Week 4:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 5 EZ 5 EZ 3 + Barrys (3mi) RESTED OFF EZ 5 MAX 21

My average pace was around 10:20s which is good, because that’s been consistent the last few weeks. Obviously, at Barry’s the pace is pushed during sprints, so that knocks the average down a few seconds.

How’s everyone else doing on this plan? Any advice for the next coming weeks? Here’s what’s on the schedule this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL
OFF EZ 5 EZ 4 EZ 4 EZ 5 OFF EZ 6 24

Happy August, happy training, happy happy!





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