Marathon training is hard. It’s a huge compartment of my brain that’s constantly crunching numbers, making to-do lists, agonizing sore muscles and also — running a lot .

At the end of every training week so far, I glance at the next week to begin to brace my brain and body for what’s to come. Week 5 looking to Week 6 was the pivotal moment where I thought “Oh f*ck, no way. WHY!?”

Before I tell you why, here’s a recap of last weeks workouts:

Monday: Rest day, God bless.

Tuesday: Nike Run Club Speed Run 

Major life hack alert. If you love running fast, you love Mile High Run Club (we all know I do), and you happen to be NoHo adjacent during the lunch hours on Tuesdays — you NEED to join the ever-so Blake Lively-looking Nike Run Coach, Jes Woods in her speed workout.

That being said – I had almost no drive to get my body to Mile High Run Club that day. I thought of 12 excuses to get out of it, and very happy I was strong/bored enough to push that voice down and get on that tread.

Unlike Mile High Run Club classes, Nike Run Club is structured based on pace (marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, mile). MHRC has the perceived exerted effort scale of 1-4, which is super useful, but having those distance paces align with intervals was pretty cool to see. Here is the workout:

1000m (5:00) @ 10k pace
4 x 400m (2:00) @ 5k pace
800m (4:00) @ 5k pace
3 x 300m (1:30) @ Mile pace
600m (3:00) @ Mile pace
2 x 200m (1:00) @ Best pace
Recovery times:
1:00 recovery after 10k pace
1:30 recovery after 5k pace
2:00 recovery after Mile pace


Wednesday: 4.2 easy miles + 60 min hot yoga

New York City had this very pleasant cool-wave last week of 70s and overcast days. All the youths who wanted to hit up Rockaway Beach for some tans may have been pissed, but I was basking in the pre-fall preview. Though it was still humid.

Yoga was a TREAT since it was Taylor Swift vs Kanye West day at Y7 Yoga. Perfect escape and, #TeamKanye.


Thursday: 3.1 easy miles + 45 minutes strength 

Did my favorite loopty-loop in the park. Right after Cat Hill, I take a left to Belvedere Castle, which on this particular morning was flocked by summer camps. From there I take the stairs down to Shakespeare Garden and back onto the west side of the park. It’s a solid 5K run, uphills and views galore.

Got home and caught up with the Kardashians and did some basic strength repeats: bicep curls, tricep dips, planks, overhead presses and oh-so-much rolling.

Friday: 3.5 easy miles

I went outside begrudgingly for this run. I had no desire. I decided to trail my mom and dog on their walk and would run back and forth on the streets they were walking on. Even took Paddington for a few strides on the cul-de-sac.


Saturday: 7.5 “easy miles”

These miles did not feel good. I guess I’ll attribute it to the heat again, because why not, and because it’s definitely true. As a longer run so far in my training, I took it mile by mile. Let myself stop and take in the beach and even stop by a 7-11 for a bevvy.


Sunday: Rest day. 

This week wasn’t much higher in mileage (only +2 from Week 4), but the juggling felt hard. There were days where I had to carry over miles or improvise. I think my biggest takeaway is to just keep it real, keep it kind. Life is unpredictable and sometimes (often times) running won’t feel like fun. That doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be running, it just means you’re working hard.

THE GOOD: My pace overall has been getting somewhat faster on easy runs — about a 10:10 this week. This is a huge generalization since this is mixed in with my super speedy speed workout, and there were definitely some labored rough 10:54s in there. I’ll take it.

THE BAD: I feel in a weird running standstill. I’m obviously not standing still, I’m running miles and miles, but those “overnight improvements” aren’t showing – nor were they promised. This isn’t really as “bad” as it is a mental game. I’ll beat it, just didn’t in Week 5.

THE UGLY: Similar to the bad, I’ve felt moments where I just want to quit this plan — and it hasn’t even gotten to the meat and potatoes yet! It’s not that I don’t think I can do it physically, I just feel a self-imposed limit creeping up, and it makes me sad to see. Huge goal of Week 6, just bust through the runs, get it done and forget it. Also, injury prevention/maintenance. I have a rough ankle from a fluke injury at a workout class that I can’t shake, which really really gets me down.

AVG PACE: 10:10

NEW JAM: Let Me Love You by DJ Snake + Justin Bieber

This is the menu for this week (+14mi from Week 5 – WTF)

EZ 4 SPD – 12×400 EZ 8 TMP 5 EZ 4 OFF EZ 8



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