Monday: 4 Miles + Barry’s Bootcamp

One of my biggest problems with the Hansons Method is that it pretty much eliminates the need for cross or strength training. They’re briefly touched upon and allowed, but it is stressed that the running regimen is already so brutal, adding another element of physical activity could cause overuse injury. I have a pretty big problem with that. More on that later.
My quick fix solution is use Mondays to throw in my favorite class possibly with running involved, and supplement the miles outside of class that we’re covered. And that’s exactly what I did on Monday.
Went to Barry’s Bootcamp in Chelsea for an Arms and Abs session that left my entire upper half confused, sore and achey in the best way for days to come. For those unfamiliar with the structure of Barry’s Bootcamp classes, you spend about half the class on a treadmill and half the class on the floor with weights, bands, platforms. The treadmill portion is fast, aggressive and downright scary – even for a me. Covered a bit over 3 miles in class, with some highlights like 15% inclines running at 7.0 MPH and sprint ladders.
Jogged it out for a mile after class to come to my senses.
Tuesday: First OFFICIAL Speed Session
This is the first official Hansons Marathon Method prescribed session. My plan is to stick to the suggested workout on most weeks, and swap in High45 classes at Mile High Run Club when I need a supportive boost.
Today was going to be a picture perfect workout with Nike Run Club. Alas, blame it on the MTA, but there was no way I could get down to NoHo in 20 minutes when the train finally came. This left me to my own devices, and since the weather was scorching, I knew the treadmill – SOLO – was my only choice.
The workout: 12×400 at SPEED pace for my goal time (8:54 – 9:06)
WARM UP: .54
1 – 8:53
2 – 8:53
3 – 8:53
4 – 8:53
5 – 8:45
6 – 8:45
7 – 8:45
8 – 8:45
9 – 8:32
10 – 9:01
11 – 8:05
12 – 7:59
Total mileage: 4.39
Wednesday: 8 Easy miles
Totally took the ego out of recovery on this run. The night before I planned out my route – under the park, through the park on the east side, cutting at the 102nd St Transverse, to the bottom again, and a loop back through Bethesda Terrace.
With a race coming the next day, where I really wanted my body to feel fresh and recovered, I just really focused on taking any suffering out of the run. Any points of pain or discomfort, I reminded myself “that doesn’t have to be there — why are you letting it be there?” Took every effort to slow my legs down and make sure my strides didn’t feel forced, my breathing didn’t feel labored. My pace was hella slow, and I really don’t regret it at all because I knew less than a day prior I was crushing it doing speed, and 24 hours from then I’d be racing.
Thursday: 5 Tempo Paced Miles + NYRR RUN 5K
I knew I had a race during this workout, and one where I really wanted to see how my training so far was affecting my race pace.
In order to cover the prescribed 5 miles, I did 2 tempo paced (10:06) miles before the race as a warmup.
BUT, as luck would have it, the humidity on Thursday was out.of.control. It was the type of feeling where taking a deep breath was almost impossible walking out the door – let alone walking.
At about 3:30PM the runners got a notification that the 5K would not be timed, it would be a fun run because of the severe conditions, and all 9+1 credits would be granted for runners who ran it or not. Cool, ok. At this point I decided I’d still go out to the run, take advantage of the Gatorade stops, and run back home to hit 5 miles. Alas, lightning and thunder struck, and just like that — the race was totally canceled.
It would’ve been easy to just call it a loss, an unforeseen rest day, but I couldn’t stay inside. I registered for a High45 class at Mile High Run Club and pushed through 4.5 tough miles.
Friday: 4 Easy miles
The heat and humidity has not given us a break whatsoever this week. Took my tired legs back to Mile High and tried out High45 with a newer coach – Scott Carvin. Longer intervals and a lot of sprinkled in hills. After 4.1 miles and the humid walk back to the subway I cannot wait to not move till Sunday.
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: 8 Easy miles
Uh, so about those miles.
In order to really hold myself accountable to the third 8+ miler in the span of 8 days, I decided I’d sign up to run with the NYRR Long Training Run group. This is an official group affiliated with NYRR and the TCSNYC Marathon, where a bunch of like-minded marathoners gather bright and early on a weekend to run loops around Central Park to complete whatever their definition of a “long run” may be that week, between 6 and 20 miles. My plan was to wake up, run the 2.5 to the start, crush 6 miles with the group and maybe even run the 2.5 back to my apartment for an over-achieving total of 11 miles.
Saturday morning I walk through the depths of hell, I mean, Columbus Ave during 104 heat and 90% humidity, the 6 blocks to NYRR Runner’s Annex to pick up my bib. You need a bib for these runs because NYRR provides you with Gatorade, water and Gu during the runs, as well as Pacers, coaches and just general support. As soon as I got in line, the NYRR rep at the front made the announcement that the run was cancelled due to the heat.
Holy balls. Ok.
So for the rest of the day I kept thinking, how the hell am I going to finish this week’s miles? Of course, a treadmill is an option, but not a good one for me. I’d spend so many miles this week on a treadmill and my joints were starting to get tired of the pounding on the belt, not the mention, I don’t belong to a gym. It even crossed my mind to actually go out and run by myself, but that didn’t happen.
What happened was 60 sweaty, hilly, thick minutes at FlyWheel. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so close to my apartment it’s in the “no excuses” zone, and I peeled myself off from my Netflix daze.
So – long story short – I didn’t do these miles. And I personally think that’s okay. If you have an issue with that, take it up with me. I think running in the heat we saw this weekend in NYC is asking for trouble, and my number one priority always is to be safe and healthy when I run. Plus — the miles will be there next week, and all 11 weeks after that.
Total Mileage: 25.5 mi
Average Pace: 10:01
THE GOOD:  My ankle has seen so much improvement!!! It still has its aches, and definitely needs a peek from a professional, but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being unbearable and 1 being my left ankle, I’d say it’s closer to a 4 than it’s ever been. That’s a win for me.
THE BAD: Not necessarily BAD, but since 2 of my runs (1 tempo and 1 easy) had to fall back on Mile High Run Club, they ended up being fast-paced efforts instead of easy paces. Again, not necessary bad, but not intended.
THE UGLY: The weather. Enough said.
NEW JAM: Olympic Fanfare by John Williams. Get with it.

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