You know that whole schpeal about how *life happens* and *you might get sick* and a training plan is *just a guide* — well, incoming.

Last weekend I went to a totally awesome rad super cool Blink 182 concert where I screamed my little emo heart out. So much so, that when I had a raspy voice all of Sunday I was convinced it was because I rocked out too hard.

Come Monday, my Blink hangover turned into a sore, sore throat — meaning I wasn’t too cool for school after all — I was just getting sick. So I just sat there. In my apartment. Staring at the screen — well two screens. Staring at the screen with my training plan, and then staring at my TV screen with the Kardashians. I sat there contemplating what am I going to do – am I going to run?

You may have also heard about the above the neck rule in running. Oh you haven’t? ODD. So basically, if your symptoms are above the neck (sore throat, runny nose) — you can run. If they’re below the neck (fever, nausea, etc) you should not. Also, I ran my first half marathon 48 hours after getting the nastiest cold and played the “above the neck” card and was okay. This convinced my to get out and run 6 miles. WTF is wrong with me I will never know. I don’t think I made it 2 miles. This was also at 3:30PM. I just stopped and stood there  — looking at my mistake, sweating buckets, and essentially going blind. Turned my sorry ass around and got a Gatorade and sat in shame till it was time for me to get ice cream.

For the next two days I was a on full REST mode. I had errands to run for my family, so that and some light barre were my activities — but 0 cardio. And then Thursday, when I finally felt okay, is when my running really started.


TUESDAY: Pure Barre


THURSDAY: 5 Tempo Miles.

Oh, hallelujah. The humidity kinda broke, and the temperatures dropped and running in the park was a gift from heaven above. Finally felt some strong paces, averaging at 9:20 for all 5 miles. F*** yeah.


This run was a treat. I had planned it in well in advance and this first double digit run was going to be my own adventure. I took the subway down to Fulton St. and ran about .75mi to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge where I stretched it out and began my run. From the Brooklyn Bridge on the other side, I ran the length of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, stopping for the insane views and East River breeze (yum!) and then made my way to Prospect Park. This was the doozie of the run for sure. Lots of looping through pedestrians who were just enjoying their perfect Park Slope Friday morning, so my bad. Had some fun taking wrong turns and then figuring my way back out. By the time I got to Prospect Park I was already at mile 7 and the sun was beating down. I ran out 1.5 and back, and ran around a fountain till my Garmin finally hit 10.00mi.

This run was awesome. Even though ten miles isn’t crazy for some people, and even though I’ve ran 6 half marathons and a full marathon — hitting those miles still makes me feel superhuman and I love them so much.

Then I sat on the cold subway, while dripping in sweat for over an hour. That wasn’t a treat. That was a glimpse into my worst nightmare.



Nothing fun to report here. I was going to make up my Tuesday track workout, but we couldn’t find a way to jump the fence into a Hoboken High School track, so decided to just run it out old school. Probably for the best because my legs were pretty tired from the 10 miler. Had some chocolate milk. Then had some beers.



Did I say have some beers? Because I probably had a freaking bucket full of beer. Since I started running hard-core, drinking definitely has indadvertedly stopped drinking as much. So when I drank a lot of Saturday night (and day) I didn’t quite foresee how crappy I felt when I woke up. I lay there in my bed staring at the ceiling thinking of all the ways I could NOT go for a run, and the runner’s guilt kicked in and I just got out there and finished those miles. AMEN.


Total Mileage:  23.0 mi
Average Pace: 10:07
THE GOOD:  La-la-lonngggg run.
THE BAD:  Creepy run while sick as a dog. That was bad.
THE UGLY: Nothing too bad!
NEW JAM: All the jams from 2003-2008 emo bands because I got my hands on my old iPod.
Moral of the story, sometimes your weakest weeks will turn into your strongest ones, so bring it on weeks 8-18.

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