Hey, what’s up, how ya been?

Hi! Remember me?

It’s been a minute, and proud to report that no I didn’t lose all my limbs or am injured or suddenly not into this whole rUnNin’ thing anymore – just took a few solid weeks to reflect, regroup and…run.

Since I last recapped I had the most ~magical~ adventure to Paris with my boo thang. I packed 5 running outfits and was determined to run every.damn.day. Because I had to, because Hansons. Right? C’EST FAUX. Instead, I slept in most mornings, ate rich cheeses, fresh meats, drank fruity wines, walked every edge of the city, basked in the sun, napped and just enjoyed. Did I run? Yeah, I did. It was a negligible amount and it was perfect.

When I came back from my trip I definitely hit panic mode. It was right before Labor Day and beginning a new job I was like “Oh, f&*k this.” But nah. I got my ass up early a few days in a row and cranked out long runs, short runs, fast runs, slow runs — happy, smiling, feel-good runs.

TBH I have not hit my prescribed mileage for Hansons in weeks. Part of me breaks into emotional hives about it, and part of me is like – IDGAF. I don’t think either way is the right way to feel. For all intents and purposes I’m still on the plan, and I still look at it daily, log my mileage and splits and bask in the progress I’m making.

The temperatures are cooling off (PLEASE) and before I know it I’ll be toeing that starting line. Between now and then I’m going to be going into *Full-Blown Half-Ass-ing Hansons Marathon Method Plan*.

The very first thing you’ll read when you’re gearing up to run a marathon is to pick a plan that works for you, and to use it as a guide, not an order. I think the moment I started envying other runners’ 19 miler Instagram posts, while I had a *mere* 8 miles that day (sandwiched between an 8 miler and a 10 miler) I knew there was a problem. But that’s for me to crank out and find the perfect fit for me.

Till then follow me on my journey of loving my training, fighting for my training and chasing Hansons the best way I know how.


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