Invisible Mileage: a tale of training while training

As all too many stories begin, I woke up today with the intension of logging some evening miles.

Nothing was really stopping me from doing so – the weather was fine, I got plenty of sleep the night before, and I was out of work at a very reasonable hour, in a very decent mood.

Also, my running log is begging to get mile’d after being level at 0 since my Friday pre-birthday* weekend long run.

Against all the facts splayed out in front of me, I opted to cash in one of my classes from my ClassPass 5-pack and went to go see some old friends at As One Crossfit in Columbus Circle.

The workouts at As One are quick and deceiving. You run through a series of stretches and drills for warm ups and then the instructor will take you through the exercises written on the board with big letters WOD above them (workout of the day, duh, knew that). Then he’ll tell you to do that x 4 and you’re like cool, yeah, sure, that’s it?

Tonight I probably did somewhere between 200 and 300 squats, 150-200 burpees, 100 pushups, walked 20 flights of stairs, biked 5 miles, rowed a few more. Idk. The point is, I busted my tail, covered in a thick layer of sweat and melted makeup, and slowly strolled home to plop onto my kitchen table to…log 0 miles.

Runners, especially runners-in-training measure their own success and fitness by a few things: Strava, Nike+, MyRunKeeper. No, I’m serious. We often forget that fitness and strength is far beyond the miles we run, the splits we clock and distance we cover. Even in Hansons book, training beyond your weekly mileage was not recommended, and your miles = you.

I ran 0 miles today. But I burned 1,000 calories and my legs are more tired (and stronger) than they would have been after the planned 5 miler. Though I definitely don’t think that most runs can be swapped for reps, I do think it’s time to shine some light on those black-out hours in a gym lifting weights.

All I can say is, I’m sorely (pun intended) looking forward to my morning run tomorrow, with not a barbell or burpee in sight.




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