28 days…from now.

Four Sundays from now I will (ideally) be eating a burger in a robe, wearing my finisher medal, thinking of a witty caption for the third Instagram post of the day.

But TILL then, let’s kick this training’s ass, shall we?

Coming off hot from my cranky knee, I ran a zoomy 4 miles today, and even sang and danced at stop lights. It felt SO good to run and not feel pain, and lean into the fun that is running.

This week is my projected peak week, which I plan to push through. Though I promise to reel it back in when I feel knee pain, but keep on looking forward while I don’t.

Also this week I’m kicking off my pre-marathon nutrition reset. This was some voodoo magic before the NJ Marathon. I have a weird tummy, and if I’m running 6+ miles I can’t help but cramp up in all the wrong ways and start counting my distance porta potty to potty rather than mile to mile. Once I cut out dairy, grains, sugar and alcohol from my diet the month before New Jersey I felt UH-MAY-ZING. It won’t be easy to skip out on H-double-Wennie, but at least pumpkins aren’t off the table.

While we’re at it – let’s take a MOMENT for ice and ibuprofen. Whenever someone recommends that line of medicine — DO IT. I put myself on a strict regime of icing every few hours and taking some ibuprofen 2x a day and SERIOUSLY – I feel like a new athlete. There’s really something to taking care of yourself.


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