Eat to run > run to eat (but not always)

You know that saying, I think from a yogurt commercial, that one good decision leads to the next?  That’s sort of like running and nutrition, but not always.

Running long distances often proves to be too much on the tummy and eventually some (most/me) runners come to a point where you think “1 – I think I’m dying |  2 – please let me make it home | 3 – I promise I’ll change my diet I promise.” The tricky thing is, often time runners will put anything and everything into their digestive system (again, me) because it’ll get “run off later” or  “I deserve this because I ran” — and that’s one way of looking at it.

However, insert here the analogy about putting cheap gasoline into a Lamborghini. Your body is a super sweet ride and only the most premium of fuel should rev it up. So, last marathon cycle I became really fond of Whole30. And with anything I do, I adapt and modify the sh*t out of it to the point where you probably don’t know what it is anymore.

Only joking a little bit.

Whole30 is a great lifestyle diet where you concentrate on whole foods. A simple and overarching and in no way all encompassing way of looking at it is, NO dairy, grains, sugars, alcohol, legumes. When you dream of chocolate milk at the end of your long runs, this can be a harsh but ultimately rewarding reality.

Leading up to NJ, Whole30 was great at fueling me through most days. Nights before long runs I would indulge in a potato (technically not a dairy or grain, but probably not 100% OK) and definitely fruits. For fuel while actually running I would experiment with the gels/gummies I wanted to use during the race. Sue me, I know, that’s like all sugar, but hey — I was literally bribing myself with candy to run long so whatever works.

Now less than 4 weeks out till the New York Marathon I’m back in my WholeSomething grind. Today is day 1, and between traveling and a scarcely empty fridge, I think I give myself a B.


  • Black coffee
  • 2-egg scramble with roasted red pepper flakes

Snack 1

  • 1/2 peach
  • Green tea


  • Roasted chicken
  • Almonds

Snack 2

  • Hard boiled egg
  • Raspberries
  • Black coffee


  • Turkey
  • Cauliflower rice + veggies

Definitely not Tasty-worthy, but also not super depressing. Reason being for my B grade is that Whole30 is actually a blast when you know your creative freedom with it. This day is NOT an example of it.

I won’t be posting about food on the daily, or maybe not at all from now till NYC, but wanted to let the masses know that if your belly goes nuts on runs (gross pun intended) this could be something you can try.

Also, as much as some folks like to say that the point of running isn’t to eat crap, I take that with a big grain of donut — because sometimes it feels freaking awesome to guilt-free face dive into french toast while your body is still buzzing from a half marathon.


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