NOT singing the post-marathon blues

After my first marathon, I felt this huge hollow emptiness in me. I didn’t feel euphoric or glowing or like the all-start athlete I clearly had just become. I felt really sore, really sad and kind of lost. I couldn’t really understand why I was so blah, so after a few poignant Google queries, I realized that post-marathon depression is a totally real thing.

Screenshot 2016-11-21 21.07.52.png
All three of these are super important, starting with #3.

I dealt with these blues by running.

A mere week after the NJ Marathon I was doing hill repeats up Cat Hill. Two weeks later I ran a speedy 10K, and a week after that I ran my third fastest half-marathon that I swore to fun run.

After that doozy of a month I told myself to “take a break” which only lasted a few hot minutes till I was back on the road gearing up for New York.

Leading up to the New York City Marathon, I was not only bracing myself for the physical toll of the distance, I was also mentally preparing for the crash after the finish line.

So, came Monday, November 7th, Tuesday, November 8th, Wednesday, November 9th….all the way to today, Monday November 21st and I can tell you that maybe from a few #TBT nostalgia feelings, I’ve well-done escaped the post-marathon pits.

It will be a whole calendar year before I battle the 26 mile distance again (I promised a lot of people) and I’m totally cool with it. I learned a lot from pacing this year, and also about over-indulgence. Yeah, you heard me — I’m full of miles. I mean, I’m not so full that I don’t want a bite (5k, 10k) here and there, but I am falling in LUV with cross-training, long walks, spin classes, making plans on the weekends and (OMG) SLEEPING IN.

And while I’m spinning, lifting and whatever else I just said, I’m also totally crushin’ on mapping out running routes, or picking fun half marathons for 2017.

I’m excited, relieved and happy to know that I won’t have to open up a marathon training doc till end of July 2017. I’m also super excited to crush the NYC Half in March and focus on new goals.

Speaking of goals, this is me crossing the Boston Marathon finish line just this weekend.

Now, they say nothing new on race day, but I’ve had those jeans forever!




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