Before we go…

2016 knocked me to my knees a lot; really tested me. but know what? I think I passed. I may be waking into 2017 chipped, but not broken. This is the year I didn’t take no as an answer — from myself or anyone else. I trained and ran my first 🏅and second 🏅marathon, I PR’d the half marathon and 10k, and crossed dozens of finish lines. I started a perfect new job 💻, traveled to a magical place called Paris 🛫, and said hello to a new view on the other side of the Hudson with the one I love most 📫💌. I have the strongest and most loving family, and my friends are blessings. Also, my hair is super long and I’m getting the hang of curling it. We can say goodbye to this year with all the resentment in the world, but there is never light 💡 without dark. Thanks 2016 for being a cut-throat teacher and I’m so happy to send you off.


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