A Perfect 10 (miler)

The distance between a starting line and a finish line is exactly what you make it.

I haven’t really talked a lot about running lately, mainly because I haven’t really been doing that much running. Well, that isn’t true. I haven’t been any running with numbers next to it.

I didn’t run with a Garmin for two whole months.

Since November 6th I also lost the most important person in my life, my grandpa.

I’m not sure how to speak about the experience, and I really don’t know if I will. For anyone who has experienced loss and grief, you may know the feelings are isolating and private.

The last seven weeks I’ve gone on runs to pound out the pain and just find discomfort in something that wasn’t internal. Days I wasn’t running my muscles would feel sore from that internal stress. I decided that if my legs were going to be sore, it wouldn’t be because I was sad. It would be for a different reason.

Finally, after somewhere between 100 to 120 miles the last month and a half, today was the day I felt that internal soreness escape, just a little bit.

I’m running the Fred Lebow Half Marathon in two weeks and I’m excited for a comeback, though I don’t have any expectations.

Today was my “longest long run” and also happened to be 20 degrees, fresh off a snowstorm. For the first time in my running life I didn’t even stop for an excuse. Instead of I thought of a plan, a backup plan, and a backup to my backup plan.

  • The plan was to run the 10 miles outside
  • The backup plan was to go to the gym and do those 10 miles inside
  • The backup to the backup plan was to book 2 back to back classes at Mile High Run Club

What ended up happening was a combination of the plan and the backup plan. I ran 8.5 solid miles in the elements and then started to feel like i was inhaling too much freezing air and decided that the last 2 miles would be done in the safety and warmth of a gym.

Though not my fastest run, it felt so strong. I negatively split by over a minute and most of all, I felt happy the entire time. Feeling happy for the course of 90 minutes isn’t always a guarantee anymore, so I really needed that.

Today’s distance was 10.56 miles. I’ve run that distance miserably, but today I ran it happily.



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