If the shoe fits.

When you find the one…or pair…you know. Right?

This was the first pair of shoes I was fitted for at @JackRabbitNYC. I was “diagnosed” [DRAMATIC] with severe over-pronation and flat feet, but all I could hear is blah-blah-blah show me the super cute shoes.

Turns out that not all cuteness is created equal. The shoes that supported my arches, were kinda whatever, and the shoes that were drool-worthy would leave my grieving over pain from my toes to my hamstrings.

The NYC Marathon was a turning point for me. The only time I had to stop was because of pain in my arches which I KNEW was because I chose to wear the wrong, or rather, not the best, shoes for the day. It took at least 20 minutes from me reaching the finish line, having to stop to roll it out at mile 18, 20 and 22.

Since then, most of my runs have been in these ol’ guys. They carried me through a (mostly) painless #NJMarathon and I regret not taking them for a ride with me through New York.

The toe-box is all torn up and I’ve resorted to duct tape before lacing up in any of my backups. They’re just that good.

Don’t worry, I have an order for my next pair of ASICS GT-2000 4 in the mail.

But till then, we’re roughing it.

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