FounderMade: Wellness 2017

We’re super lucky to be in a time where if you can dream it, you can be it.*

*with a lot of work, grit, determination, skill, luck and perseverance.

FounderMade Wellness conference is an event that brings together the most innovative, creative and fearless founders in the booming and crowded health and wellness field. These individuals focused in on their passions and the goal of making our world better, through feeling better.

This Friday, February 3rd, FounderMade Wellness is happening in New York City, with speakers from places I love to sweat, publications I love to read, and organizations I admire.

Wanna join?

It’ll be me and 500+ of my closest, sweatiest and smartest (soon-to-be) friends.

Equinox, Fast Company, Women’s Health, Casper, SLT, 305 Fitness — they all came from an idea, a mission and a whole lot of determination. Why not learn from the best?

The day will be filled with panels from industry founders and thought leaders, digital activations and even pitch competitions — Shark Tank style.

Tickets are still on sale – so if this sounds like up your alley (or treadmill, or spin bike, or wellness routine), check out this link.

There’s no time like right now to get inspired.


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