January, it was nice knowin’ ya

Ah, January. It was nice knowin’ ya! Felt like I hardly got to spend time getting to know you, though.

Largely uneventful expect for the fact that I kicked my own ass into shape post holiday. Low mileage, but smart mileage. Lots of strength classes and resting and great food and I also bought a really cool coffee table from Wayfair.

Total miles: 67 mi

Days ran: 20

Total classes taken: 

Spin: 2

Yoga: 1

Crossfit: 7

States ran in:  NY & NJ

Races ran: Fred Lebow Half Marathon! Here here – the year of the half!

Days till New York City Half: 46 days!

Training to go: 24% complete, 76% to go

Favorite new jams: 

  1. I Feel it Coming – Weeknd, Daft Punk
  2. Paris, Chainsmokers
  3. new John Mayer jams — sounds exactly like his oldies and goodies, so you probably already know all the words.

What I’m loving: 

  1. My new Garmin Forerunner 35 – it’s back to basics, but it counts steps and HR and that just gives me an EDGE, ya know?
  2. Running with people – races with no headphones, Saturday morning run clubs, just generally chasing people on the run
  3. Asking for things, and a ‘why not me?’ attitude — ask and you shall (probably) receive
  4. PODCASTS while running. Highly recommend I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein if you’re in a fun mood and Terrible, Thanks for Asking if you’re in a terrible mood. Never not listening to Here to Make FriendsHere to Make Friends by Huffington Post.

What I’m not loving: 

  1. Waking up early. Call it the Jersey in me, but I’ve had the worst time getting my boot up for AM runs.
  2. That the Runners World training app doesn’t sync with Strava/Garmin/anything. WHAT GIVES?
  3. News, generally

Favorite pictures from this month: 


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