5 things I learned at FounderMade Wellness 2017

I was lucky to be invited to last week’s FounderMade Wellness event at the beautiful Spring Studios in TriBeCa.

It was kinda cool and surreal to flip the switch and see myself as a “founder” — but I guess we are all founders of our own little space in the interweb world. Some people choose to make it an e-commerce empire, a social media initiative takeover, or just a space to share.

A lot of really intelligent, driven and kickass people spoke to us on Friday, and these are the most important things I learned:

We are experience driven

Based on a panel of founders and executives from Fhitting Room, SLT, FlyWheel and 305 Fitness — one very distinct and very different factor drove customers back to these studios: experience. We’re all chasing results – weight loss, fitness, — whatever — but we don’t gain that from the first class. We gain an experience. Each of these studio offers something different from the other – all targeted to bring people back to keep experiencing.

Meaning is the new money 

Being a founder doesn’t always yield quick profit margins. In fact, founders are often the last people to get paid out. They’re also the last people to lay down for the night, and the first to rise. What makes it all worth it? Founders and go-getters in this space aren’t chasing one kind of currency. The main form of payment is the validation of their purpose – their meaning. Some companies were born out of the need for chemical free skin-care, the desire to travel and enjoy meditation but also dance all night, a way to find healing for injuries that don’t involve going under a knife.

Find meaning. You’ll be richer than you ever knew you could be.

Wellness is not a trend, it’s a movement 

Remember when we all had PokemonGo? Or ombre? That was a trend.

Running till you feel fire in your lungs, and not regretting it (more on that later), or pounding through a 90-minute spin class, isn’t trendy anymore. It’s a staple of our lives.

We all want to be well, take care of our own bodies outside in, inside out. We want to be better than we were, than we are.

Moving isn’t a trending, moving is a movement.

Hard work is hard

Nothing worth having comes easy. This runs parallel to the “meaning is the new money” story. When you realize your meaning, guard it and protect it, till you’re ready to pour yourself fully into it. Being successful is a combination of hard work, luck, and a lot of time. Sean Hoess, founder of Wanderlust, joked that the health and wellness industry is built on the backs of people who have no more regard for their health wellness. This was obviously a joke, but rings true.

There is only one New York

For those reading from the glorious 5-boroughs of NYC, this is the mic drop to you (us, Hoboken counts, I don’t care).

New York is the most populated group of people who want to be fit, healthy and happy — NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES DAMNIT.

Fitness studios are now more common than Starbucks and are accessible at any price range.

You can even teach Alec Baldwin how to tap-it-back, share a locker room with Lucy Liu or tuck-tuck-hold with Ellie Kemper.

FounderMade is a summit that tours the country, aimed to host consumer driven summits that bring together the sharpest minds of all industries. The next FounderMade event will be in LA — FounderMade Food.

You can see snapshots of this past week’s event by following FounderMade on Instagram.



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