February – short month, big stuff.

February by the numbers

Total miles: 73 mi

Total classes taken:

Spin: 0

Yoga: 0

Mile High Run Club: 2

Crossfit: 7

States ran in:  NY & NJ & CT

Races ran: Gridiron 4M in Central Park

Days till New York City Half: 19 days!

Days ran in Central Park: just 1 😦

Favorite new jams:

  1. Epilogue – La La Land
  2. In a Big Country – Big Country (thank you Bennett and Food Network)
  3. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

What I’m loving:

  1. Weird warm days this month. This cartoon strip sums up my feelings on it, but it’s fine. IT’S FINE.             warm-days
  2. Speed intervals. They are not always fun, they’re actually never ‘fun’ but I’ve fully embraced the feeling of almost puking as a sign of mental strength. Favorite interval? Thanks for asking. Def 800s. 

    Beauty/Grace/Speed embodied
  3. New Jersey State Tax. New Jersey – the gift that keeps on giving.
Love to love ya



What I’m not loving:

  1. Well, I should what I’m missing, and that’s cheese and candy and whipped cream. More on that later.
  2. Mixed feelings on this one – but kinda sad that my 2-month commitment at As One is coming to an end. More on that later.
  3. That I haven’t written here in so long! Sorry – promise it won’t happen again

Here’s some favorite moments – running and otherwise from this month:


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