Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Hi, my name is Anna and I’ve been going to a HIIT gym for two months straight.

How did this happen? Well, you see, as a ClassPass loyalist, I would hit my rotation of studios. As One was on that list. I could guarantee that each class would beat me up, leave me sore, make me sweat out of my eyeballs and yes, also see definition in my triceps. Three months ago, I saw this flyer in their new Chelsea location.

Do I dare?

Starting the first week of the new year, I had my own account and the unlimited freedom to book any and all As One class I wanted.

Here are a few of the things I experienced since then:

  • Exhaustion
  • Soreness
  • Sweatiness
  • Smelliness
  • Pain walking
  • Extremely good sleep
  • Appetite for healthy things (like, OMFG WTF – KALE CHIPS)
  • Muscle definition in my arms, abs legs, butt, back, attitude
  • Speediness

Yup – lifting kettle-bells, planks and tossing ropes in a room in Chelsea made me faster on the road. While, maybe it isn’t one-to-one definitive proof, since I’ve also been interval training and playing with my mileage and pace — but here’s a piece of the crown, As One Fitness – partial Spring Fling Queen.


It wasn’t all squat jacks and flapjacks (lol) though – there was other stuff too.

These workouts are high intensity. There is very little rest between stations, and your body goes into overdrive, and every muscle is attached at one point or another in the 50-minute class. When given a foam roller at the end of class, I had no idea what part of my body needed to get rolled first. My face? Well, no, not my face — but you get it.

My membership was unlimited, but between running long, speed work and rest – I would max out at 2 classes — 3 MAYBE — a week.

That was enough for me to see a difference in my body (HELLO!) and definitely in my overall fitness level.

Here’s the deal…

  1. It is imperative to add some sort of strength training into a running training cycle. Your entire body and pace will thank you.
  2. HIIT – or crossfit lite – are really good options, but they do teeter on the line of ‘this is too much’ in combination with a serious training cycle.
  3. The sweet-spot is 2 classes a week when training for a half marathon, 1 when training for a full marathon.

As One is a tight knight, but really inclusive, gym with the most convenient locations for Manhattanites and Hobokeners alike. Even if you’re an UWS gal, there’s a 62nd and Broadway location.

Both locations also offer Normatec sleeves and Chelsea offers Yoga for Runners classes. This gym has a real understanding of the endurance athlete, and I luv them so much.

Closing statement:

Touching wood and spitting over my left shoulder and saying a prayer to any and all Gods that will hear me, but since adding As One to my training cycle I have been completely injury free. And that, my friends, is the best gift any runner can ask for.

Now watch this video and get hyped


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