Annathoner, The Podcast.

It’s been a dream of mine since the early days of December 2016 to have a podcast.

“It’s too much work” 

“I’m not funny enough” 

“I don’t know enough cool people to talk to” 

“I don’t have the time” 

“Nobody will take me seriously”

All those things are still true — but that didn’t stop me.

I came home one night, flying off the seat of my pants, because that was IT – I couldn’t stop thinking through interviews I’d wish to have, or stories I wanted to tell, I knew the excuses were falling on my own deaf ears. I was going to start a podcast. And I did!

I didn’t know where to start, so I opened a Google Document. I wrote down my wishlist of people to talk to (picture it, Anna sitting in a dark room, only lit up by the glow of her laptop, typing the words “Meb Keflezighi” into a spreadsheet).

The reason this idea dawned on me was multi-layered. I was going through a really overwhelming time in the beginning of winter. I spent a lot of time on a bus, or train — a lot of time to think. Listening to the same song by The Chainsmokers only did me so good, till I didn’t want to hear it anymore. On one of those commutes I saw someone link to a podcast – by a runner. What the hell, I’ll try it. I was never a “podcast girl” – I never knew what the cool kids were talking about referencing this week’s Reply All episode, but fine, it’s about running, so I’ll obviously love it.

I didn’t get a chance to finish the episode on my ride, so I paused it. The next day as I was lacing up to run a dreaded 9 miles, I thought to myself – what if I just keep listening? 

And I did. And then I started the next episode, and the episode after that, and the miles flew under me. The running was an afterthought. I was just spending time listening to smart people gab about marathons, or politics, or their kids,  or whatever else they were talking about.

I just want to cure the long run scaries for one other runner out there.

Join me on this quest, and I’m sorry I may not be funny, or you might not take me seriously, but this is one of the most interesting and fun things I’ve decided to do.

I’d love all your support, so check me out in your iTunes Store, Podcast app or SoundCloud.


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