Injury Report: Bitter, but better.

How’s it going? How’s training? How’s your long run? What’s the speed workout this week? Hitting your paces? What’s it like outside? Looks like perfect running weather. Am I right?

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Today is day 20. Maybe I’ll get used to it tomorrow.

It hasn’t been all bad. Well, it hasn’t been all that bad. It’s been rough. If you’re wondering if I’m getting better, I am. Definitely. If you’re wondering if I can walk – yup I can do that too. I’m actually most pain-free when I’m walking. Sitting and squatting (read: bathroom) hurts the most. But I’m getting somewhere. Which is a good feeling and a deceiving one at the same time.  One on hand, OMG I’m getting better – I’m cured! We’re running a 10K, like, TOMORROW! and on the other – This actually doesn’t mean anything yet. Stay put. 

But, here’s the thing about this injury. Something that cut me off at my knees (or waist) is actually giving me new wings. My goals pre-injury were big ones, but never did I have a doubt I’d get there. I wanted to break two hours in the half marathon. I wanted to break 7 minutes in the mile. I wanted to connect with more people in my running network.

Lying in that hospital bed, I said, “Fuck it.” – I’m not letting this crack in my back be a crack in my life. I’m not just breaking 2 hours in the half marathon, I’m breaking 1:50. I’m going to run a 6:20 mile. I’m going to break 4 hours in the marathon, and then watch me qualify for Boston. I’m not just going to connect with people, I’m going to launch a full-blown podcast and talk to complete badass runners every week.

Because I want to do those things, and I’m terrified to do those things, and because I know I can do those do things, and do them well.

Won’t happen overnight, won’t happen in a week, won’t happen in a month or even several months, but come the day I GET to run again, I will run in joy for every mile I’m in. No more bad runs. Those don’t live here anymore.

But really, how’s training for Brooklyn going? I’ll be there in full #spectator mode. I’ve already been training my screaming voice. By screaming into a pillow. Just kidding – just being dramatic. Nothing to see here, I’m just butt hurt.



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