This time it’s different.

Hi, remember me?


Yeah, that’s good ol’ drama queen me. I’ve just been over here, still being a drama queen, but actually also, being surprisingly pretty chill. When it comes to running.

If ya follow me on the ‘gram, you’ll know that I’m training for my third (!!!!) marathon, my second New York.  You also know that the last year has been kinda like doing 1200 repeats, on loop. Rough. Rewarding. And making me a ton stronger. Can I get a say what?

But this time, this training cycle, has been totally different. I am the difference. I am better runner. If you think that means I’ve been dropping some gnarly PRs, ha – you’re dead wrong. I actually haven’t raced since February.

So what’s the big deal? This year I’ve been training with the NYRR Virtual Trainer, which has bar none, hands down, been the best money I’ve invested in myself as a runner. Better than the super cool (and still worth it) Pace Perfect Bra from Lululemon or the warehouse supply of KT Tape by my front door. This training plan is tailored to me. I’m sure you’ve heard that before — but, hear me out. Every workout I read gives me a perfect, healthy mix of 70% total confidence. 25% anxiety and only 5% fear. I feel like I’m training for my own body and my body is thanking me for it! I’m challenged, but I’m not dead or worn out. If I stumble (read: stub my toe and limp for 4 days) – I know I can pick up where I left off, I know I’ll get up. I feel really, really good.

giphy (10).gif


This week I’m closing out week 6 of training. For laughs and good times, I’ve read through my training recaps last year, and MAN, what a difference. I think the only thing that’s stayed consistent is listening to emo jams.


Screenshot 2017-08-24 18.26.23.png

That’s where the similarities end. Here are some sound bites from this week last year:

“You know that whole schpeal about how *life happens* and *you might get sick* and a training plan is *just a guide* — well, incoming.”

“I just stopped and stood there  — looking at my mistake, sweating buckets, and essentially going blind. Turned my sorry ass around and got a Gatorade and sat in shame…”

“Nothing fun to report here.”

“[Listening to] All the jams from 2003-2008 emo bands because I got my hands on my old iPod.”

Read more here.  

giphy (9).gif

And, hey, I’m not ratting on Old Me. Old Me is still a badass chick that did her ultimate best and crushed two marathons last year. Old Me is the best, so you can go ahead and just leave her out of this. But New Me is a bit older and wiser than Old Me.

Here’s an ode to Old Me, with the good, the bad, the ugly of this training cycle so far:

THE GOOD:  I’ve stopped doubting myself.
THE BAD:  Everything I feel anything (ANYTHING) I freak out that I’m going to break.
THE UGLY: Summer training, per usual.
NEW JAM: Red Solo Cup is the trashiest song, but OMG, can it lift your spirits on that last stretch of a 400m repeat.
What are your favorite jams? Clearly, I might need some new ones. Sorry, Toby.
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