Resolutions are lame, but here are mine.

We’ve dipped our pinky into the new year, and it tastes pretty delish. I’ve mentioned before that ends and beginnings are weird for me, but also so exciting. 2017 had a lot of highs and also a good deal of oh shit moments. I ran into 2017 with a lot of goals, and I was going to crush it, but things were put on hold – and that’s okay. What’s a year without some drama, right?

But, 2017 happened, and between all the less-than-perfect stuff, there was also a lot of wonderful running moments:

849 miles

  1. New York City Marathon

  2. Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon

  1. Bronx 10M

  2. Mini 10K

  3. Retro 5M

  4. Gridiron 4M

  5. Fred Lebow Half Marathon  


Putting my heart into NYC marathon training.

Running a 5K with my mom.

Learning to “defer” races.

You guys are fast AF. Love you all. All 25K of you. #airbnbbkhalf

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Cutting 20+ minutes off my NYC marathon time.

i don’t really get into sports, i guess what’s why i run. i don’t follow teams and I’m a notorious bang wagon fan (Go Eagles, right, @bennett_sny). But there’s something about @shalaneflanagan that gives me that feeling i imagine little kids get watching Lebron James play. She is a super hero but she’s also human. She works hard, like really really really hard, and fails. She takes big chances outside the sport because she knows it’s for the best. She’s a fighter and a badass but she’s also just an athlete i follow. When i heard she won it all, i burst into happy tears somewhere at mile 11. This may sound ridiculous, so bear with me, but if Shalane can “do it” so can i. i define my it, like you define yours. Thank you, @shalaneflanagan and i speak for everyone when i say ILYSM LYLAS NEVER CHANGE.

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See? It was actually a pretty great year.

But, it’s a new year. New shoes. New goals.

Day one/won 🙌🏻

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Here are my goals, and maybe I should sprinkle some sage on the blog post to shake off the bad juju. I’m a pace-freak (some of the time) and am ready to measure my goals in numbers again. Yes, I’m going to break two hours in the half marathon. AND I’m going to break 24 minutes in the 5K and get my butt out there racing another marathon.


  1. 1:59 in the half marathon (9:06 pace)
  2. 24:00 in the 5K (7:40 pace)
  3. PR in the full marathon (GOAL: 4:32:10)

These are a bit different, but also same same. Since I’ve been running, I’ve always done the same races (NYRR much love!!!), tracked my progress the same way (are we friends on STRAVA?!) and never, ever, ever ran inside* (*MHRC not included). So, this year I’m embracing some different things, spicing things up, if you will. I’m going to get on a plane, train, or car to get to a race (and the PATH train doesn’t count). If you have any suggestions – let me know!!! I’m also playing around with a bullet journal to document my training for the NYC half. I’m going to have a color for each type of workout (speed, strength, long run, base mileage) and also have a mood tracker to see how I felt during the training. It’ll be fun to see all the colors come together on March 18th. I also have been chipping away at this goal for a few weeks (didn’t have a choice with the NYC arctic blast), but I need to learn to love the treadmill. I love winter running. I go crazy for it. But this past few weeks has been a little cold (and icy) for comfort, so I’ve opted inside.


  1. Travel for a race
  2. Bullet journal my training
  3. Learn to love (tolerate) the treadmill

Running’s a super individualistic and dare-I-say narcissistic sport. It’s you, you, you. Or should I say, me me me. It’s about MY race and my PERSONAL best. We, as runners, try hard to form a community to not be total self-involved assholes, and this year I’m going to try a bit harder on my end. I’ve developed a really sweet group of people I love that I’ve met here and I want to see them more, run with them more, cheer them on more and just make more friends. Speaking of cheering. I spent a lot of 2017 on the “sideline” and realized, quickly, that the sideline is nothing to be afraid of. I cheered my heart out during the Airbnb Brooklyn Half, and not only was it hard and challenging, it was amazing. It made me love the sport all over again and gave me the same “I can’t wait to do that again” feeling. Lastly, one of the best things about 2017 was dragging my mom to run the Fairfield 5K in June. It was downpouring and the worst conditions for your first ANYTHING, but we did it. And she loved it, and I loved it.


  1. Connect more with the networks I have
  2. Cheer for races, a lot.
  3. Get someone to run a race.

Last, but not least, my tenth goal for 2018, in running and beyond is to not stop.

Keep going that extra mile.

Never stop.



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